That’s a girl

In 1930 the great Drepressen was happen people are losing their job

The Chattanooga look out got a girl picher she stike out babe ruth

Lou Gehring and Tony Lazzeri.  babe was not happy he was mad that a girl stike him out ! I do not know way he was so mad. 

This is your Sunday news . (:


Yeasterday we paid taxes to king Oliva .   We learn   taxes can be unfair . We had to pay  for ties shoe  wearing blue jeans ect. I do not like taxes I thik they are unfair .                                       

In 2014, 2015

The thing I will always rember is the time I killed a white deer. When you see it walk onto the deer lot it send a chilles up your back before you pull the trigger . When i pulled the trigger i was so happy i saw it drop . It was a 10 point buck I was thirlled

I am look foreward  to going bow fishing i hope i get a big fish or a small gator   it will be the time of me life it will be fun